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It's with tremendous pride and pleasure that we anounce our release for Record Store Day 2015. We're releasing our second turntable game, this time for America's 2nd favorite passtime, baseball. RPM Turntable Baseball is a true evolution from the our first game. Like many records, it's the B side that steals the show here. In an homage to both the horse racing games of the 50's and the mascot races at ballparks, the B side is the Concession Stand Challenge. It's a bonus game that's probably more fun than the baseball. We're super proud and Cameron James Henry at Welcome to 1979 made a magical expanded Decagonaphonic cut. Like last year this will NOT be repressed so get it while you can.

I promise there's more music coming soon too. Click here or on the logo to learn more check out the video demonstration.

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