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It's with great pleasure that we announce that the fourth release from Microfiche Records is Ghost of Fashion by Clem Snide. Ten years after its original release via SpinArt (a label we loved dearly), Microfiche Records is finally putting it out on vinyl. This is a fantastic record that picks up right where Your Favorite Music left off. As with all Microfiche releases this is available on vinyl for the first time ever but this time, it's on the 10 year anniversary of its original release. It contains a complete lyric sheet too so you can put it on, read along and sing to your pets. Rather than gush about it ourselves, we're going to post word for word the content from Jim Smith's overview of the record from

A departure from the somber Your Favorite Music,The Ghost of Fashion is, on many levels, Eef Barzelay and Jason Glasser's greatest achievement.Barzelay has turned in a super batch of songs, harvesting his strengths and channeling them into a diverse landscape of ornery rockers and ballads of transparent, gliding simplicity. Glasser's arrangements have never been better--pushy, earnest, and bursting with beautiful details, his production swirls around and through Barzelay's lyrics without obscuring their intelligence, and when the two men's eccentric visions are in synch, the results are stunning. Particularly, "Joan Jett of Arc," a metaphor for Barzelay's first sexual experience, sparkles with innocence and humor, while "Moment in the Sun," a typically cynical musing on celebrityhood, became the theme song to the Ed television show. Elsewhere, the charming "Long Lost Twin" makes use of a subdued rockabilly shuffle, and "Chinese Baby" beautifully remakes the band's 1998 acoustic recording. Truthfully, some of this is probably going to be an unsettling experience for fans craving more of Your Favorite Music's dreamy countrysides, but Ghost's cloudy intensity is one of the most exhilarating experiences of the year.
-Jim Smith (All Music Guide)

Side A:
1. Let's Explode
2. Long Lost Twin
3. Ice Cube
4. Chinese Baby
5. Don't Be Affraid of Your Anger
6. Evil vs. Good
7. Moment In The Sun

Side B:
1. The Curse Of Great Beauty
2. Joan Jett of Arc
3. The Junky Jews
4. Ancient Chinese Secret Blues
5.The Ballad of Unzer Charlie
6. No One's More Happy Than You


''The Ghost of Fashion is a perfect example of getting out of a listening experience what you invest in it.''

-John Dark (from this 7.0 review on Pitchfork)

''Like its predecessors, The Ghost Of Fashion reveals intricacies with each exposure, making it another essential album by a band that has yet to produce anything else.''

-Stephen Thompson ( from this Onion AV Club review)

''Impossible to ignore, Barzelay's lyrics manage to rise above the formulaic angst-ridden whining that bogs down so many of the modern-day singer-songwriters. Barzelay comes across like an accomplished poet compared to so many of his peers.''

-Kevin Matthews ( from this review)

''With their third album, The Ghost Of Fashion, guitarist/songwriter Eef Barzelay and company mature into the William Burroughs reference of their name with stilted guitars, wheezing horns and Beat-poet lyric pretzels to form a compelling and surreal electric country carnival of the damned.''

-Brian Baker ( from this No Depression review)

On the Road:

Below is footage of the black vinyl version of Ghost of Fashion on the press to the tune of "Don't Be Afraid Of Your Anger." Please keep a look out for the numeric mark of the beast and the appearance of actual anger. This is footage of the custom blended red version of Ghost of Fashion on the press at United Record Pressing. It's done to the tune of Ice Cube.

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