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MFR-005 was a unique endevour for Microfiche. We'd always been a label sort of focused on reissues but only stuff that had never been on vinyl. We like to say we're not a reissue label, we're a label with issues. Anway, Deep Sea Arcade was our first time releasing a current band. We discovered them via KEXP/RDIO and fell inlove with them. The CD/digital had been out less than a year and when we found out vinyl wasn't in their plans, we made it our plan.

The CD/digital comes from Ivy League Records out of Austalia, where the band is also from.

"This week I got sent this track "Keep on Walking" by Sydney, Australia band Deep Sea Arcade that cite their influences from bands like The Zombies and Stone Roses. I can definitely hear that. Rocking 60's psychedelic/shoegazey goodness from down under? Heck, yes!"
- OffTheRadarMusic.com

We've sold through these custom blue/green records but we hope to have some black vinyl copies in the future. In the meantime, check out this video of Outland on the press at United.